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Eramaja Seedermänni
месторасположение: ESTONIA, Seedermänni tee, Viimsi vald

функция: частный дом
площадь: 250 кв.м
заказчик: частное лицо
дата: январь 2019

Eramaja Seedermänni

Function: cafe
Area: 70 sq.m
Customer: private person
Date: Summer 2013

Medieval design in the interior reflects the period of the XVII-XVIII centuries.
All original architectural and historical details are preserved.
In the decoration of the ceiling used ancient beams, which remained after the reconstruction of one of the buildings of the complex.
The floor is decorated with dolomite plates.
The walls are made of natural stone. One of the walls is part of limestone cliff. On the wall, behind the authentic plates that were found during the restoration works, a barely appearing hand-painted painting with heraldry elements appears.
Stained glass windows, paintings and tables are made according to their own drawings and sketches.
Furniture and doors purchased in antique stores and salon CASA STUDIO
Lamps from the salon LATERNA MAGICA
In the selection of decor and various attributes, we were guided by the wishes of the customer to create a unique medieval style, slightly eclectic and romantic.